England, makes up a large part of the UK but there’s isn’t much that unites the rich and poor, the wealth gap shows that within England’s society people stand in different places. the homeless who fight against poverty are looked down upon and are scrutinized for their situation whilst the wealthy are aspired upon and […]

England, makes up a large part of the united kingdom but there isn’t much that unites the rich and the poor, the wealth gap also shows that England’s society people stand in different places and large variety of lifestyles that people live. homeless are looked down on and are scrutinized whilst the wealthy are aspired […]

“Get in, get out, don’t linger, go on” what Raymond means by this is that when writing a short story you shouldn’t release the whole story at the beginning, and when writing do not circle around the subject. “Im not a bad guy. I know it sounds defensive, unscrupulous but it’s true” this makes the […]

Dear RAF or to whom it may concern, My ┬áname is Seydou Traore, i am a trustworthy Scientist in year 9 student attending the London nautical. This letter is me proposal a sale for the well being and knowledge of others. My hypothesis of this experiment is to test the rate of time in which […]

hypothesis: Our hypothesis is that when adding paper clips on a paper helicopter it will increase the speed that it falls at. in order to test this we will create an experiment that will only change an independent variable (the amount of paper clips on the helicopter). Equipment and what it will be used for: […]

Repetition can be used for effect. “The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” x4. The darker you are the better person you are. Perhaps kendrick Lamar is saying black people rand out. Instead of hiding your blackness embrace it. Repetition helps to emphasise the key point, being black is positive.

Yc the cynic criticises the reel through repetition. He shows this by saying in his hook ‘I’ll ride for my negus, die for my negus’. The repetition of negus is important. This is because the word comes from the Ethiopian language meaning royalty. Here, yc the cynic suggest that black people were royalty before they […]

‘Fuck 911, police don’t come’ ‘had jabari on the streets till the sun come up’    

‘Two columns for who is and who ain’t niggas’ ‘it’s dangerous too dream’ ‘this is business, no faces, just lines and statistics’ ‘young bloods can’t spell but they can rock you at PlayStation’ ‘powerlift the powerless up out of this towering furnace’ eight year olds found with 8mils’ 7. like I got, 16 to 32 […]